Life in an RV
On the menu:
Super Easy Polish Cabbage Rolls
Excellent Apple Gingerbread (piemiki)
Beach Bag Total: $13.23

Poland borders the Baltic Sea, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic.. The capital is Warsaw.
Although Polish cuisine is not as widely known as French or Italian, it does deserve acknowledgement for original taste and appearance. Traditionally, Czernina "Black Soup" was served byt he parents of a young lady to unwelcomed suitors. It's prepared with duck or goose blood, hence, the dark color. For Polish nobility in the 16th or 17th centuries, it was a sign of prosperity to liberally use spices.
A delicious specialty is roast duck with apples. Other specialties are pierogi and bigos. Perogies are stuffed dumplings with a variety of vegetarian or meat fillings. Bigos takes 3 days to reach it's full flavor. It's made from cabbage, sauerkraut, several types of raw and smoked meats and specially selected ingredients, for example: dried plums, wild mushrooms, juniper berries, onion and sour apples. It's then seasoned with honey and red wine.
My groceries for this meal came to $19.49, so that left 51 cents to go into the Beach Bag. I'm using the leftover money from each week (I budget $20 per weekly meal) to save up for a trip to Long Beach, Washington at the end of this year-long project for my husband and myself. So I have $13.23 in the Beach Bag after week 4!

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